Time for a nail trim? Join us at Poochinis and Peticures on August 7 at Lofty Dog in the village from 6-8 PM. Lofty Dog will be providing "Poochini" martinis courtesy of Tito's Vodka for you and a nail trim for you pups in need of a trim. All donations this month will benefit Lil Paws Maltese Rescue and the dogs we regularly care for. Its a fun event with lots of snacks and great food available from Lofty Dog for your pups. Lofty Dog is located at 2700 Anderson Lane Suite 302, Austin, TX, 78757.  

lofty dog

Lofty Dogs mascots! Photo courtesy of Lofty Dog. 

We sure hope to see you there!


Visit http://www.austinloftydog.com/

and http://www.mud-puppies.com/

for more information about our great sponsoring organizations! 

Becoming a foster home is one of the most amazing ways to contribute to rescue. We talk often about the importance of foster homes for our organization - we have no facility; all our rescued dogs must stay in homes -  but its also important to remember how much joy fostering can bring into your life!

As a foster parent, you will get to experience a change in the life of a dog that is very moving. While many dogs come in in good shape from happy homes due to unfortunate circumstances, many others arrive from puppy mills or the streets in extremely poor health and emotional and mental condition. As a foster owner, you get to help a dog like this bloom, become healthy, and move on to a forever home.


Amber before Amber

                     Amber, when she came to us as a stray caught in a cat trap last year and more recently in her forever home!

Of course, dogs  who come to us from good homes still need families while they search for a new forever home. Either way, there is nothing that matches the feeling of saving a dogs life and then sending him or her off into a wonderful forever home! Plus, the presence of social networks like Facebook help you stay in touch with your foster dog's family long after they leave your home.

We are always looking for foster homes. We are also currently looking for "forever fosters" for some of our senior dogs; this is a great option if you want to adopt but are concerned about the annual costs of medical care for a pet. Please contact us to learn more about fostering, or fill out our foster application form. 

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